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    • Quality

      Products built from galvanised steel and other materials selected for maximum strength, longevity and low maintenance

    • Value

      We’ll match the quoted price of any like-for-like equipment manufactured to the same specification as ours

    • Performance

      Our products are built real-world tough, and engineered to meet pigs’ specific needs at every production stage

    • Shorter lead times

      We manufacture all our products in-house, giving us complete control over production and delivery schedules

    • Complete traceability

      We track every product from raw material to finished item, and from our factory floor to your field

    Your complete system

    The Pig Equipment range includes everything you need to start and operate an efficient, productive and profitable outdoor pig enterprise.

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    At Pig Equipment, we supply superbly engineered products for housing, feeding, watering and managing outdoor pigs at every stage in their development. Our products are designed and built to boost productivity, ensure the highest welfare standards, and maximise your profitability.

    Sows and gilts have specific housing needs. Our Sow Hut range gives you a choice to sizes to accommodate animals at different ages and stages, in groups of between four and 12. Correct feeding and watering are also vital to the animals’ welfare, and ensure they’re in peak physical condition as they approach farrowing time.

    Although they’re naturally social animals, sows and gilts need solitude when giving birth. Being housed alone at this critical moment is vital for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Our Farrowing Huts are designed to give gilts and sows the optimum amount of space, ensuring they and their litters get off to the best possible start.

    This is a critical phase for young pigs. Correct housing and feeding will ensure they gain weight efficiently, so they’re ready to move to the finishing area sooner. Our Weaning Huts and metal hurdle runs are designed to provide the safe, protective environment they need.

    The final stage in the pigs’ lives sees them growing from around 80-90lbs (35-40kg) to the slaughter weight and carcase score demanded by the market. The faster and more efficiently they get there, the sooner they’re off the farm – and the more profit you make. Our Finishing products are engineered to meet key welfare and management priorities: shelter from the elements, ad-lib feeding and constant access to clean, fresh water.

    By farmers, for farmers

    Pig Equipment is based in the UK, but all your dealings will be with our permanent representative in the US, Jude Becker, who raises outdoor organic pigs near Dyersville, IA.

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    • Performance
    • Life expectancy
    • Value for money
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