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      Products built from galvanised steel and other materials selected for maximum strength, longevity and low maintenance

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      We’ll match the quoted price of any like-for-like equipment manufactured to the same specification as ours

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      Our products are built real-world tough, and engineered to meet pigs’ specific needs at every production stage

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      We manufacture all our products in-house, giving us complete control over production and delivery schedules

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      We track every product from raw material to finished item, and from our factory floor to your field

    Jude Becker

    Booth Pig Equipment Sales US

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    View Our Product Range

    Jude Becker US Sales Representative

    Jude Becker is a sixth-generation hog and row crop farmer based in Eastern Iowa. Since graduating from Iowa State University in 1999, he’s worked in the organic pork industry, and is one of the few US growers raising live animals, and slaughtering, distributing, and direct marketing niche pork, on a commercial scale.

    Jude’s organic pork production and sales model is based on knowledge acquired while traveling, working, and studying in Denmark and England. His philosophy is to offer his animals a near-natural environment in which they can express natural behavior, while maintaining control over breeding and growth to maintain economic sustainability. This model has been refined and developed over many years, in close collaboration with the engineering expertise of Pig Equipment.

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    15346 Becker Lane
    Iowa 52040

    "I believe the time is right to share this model with other farmers, to offer a proven and viable alternative to confinement housing systems." - Jude Becker

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